Hong Kong Pools – The Best Places to Cool Off in the Heat

When it comes to beating the heat in Hong Kong, there are few things more refreshing than a dip in a pool. But as the mercury rises, it’s not just a great way to keep cool – swimming is also an effective form of exercise that can improve your health, mood and even boost your energy levels. And, with 44 public pools dotted across the city, finding one that’s suitable for the whole family is easier than you might think.

In fact, there are even a few hotel pools in the city that make for a perfect spot to unwind with the kids this summer. So whether you’re looking for a pool staycation or want to give your fitness regime a boost, read on to discover the best hk pools to swim up a storm.

As soon as the weather starts warming up, Hong Kongers flock to their local hk pools to soak up the sun and get their swim on. But, with many of the city’s public pools facing a lifeguard shortage this summer, many swimmers are being turned away from their favourite splashing grounds.

The shortage has been prompted by a strike by the Lifeguards General Union, which claims that the government’s decision to slash the number of lifeguards is unsafe. As a result, many swimming pools have had to limit the numbers of swimmers and close facilities such as water slides to protect the safety of the public.

A spokesman for the LCSD said that 24 public pools have reopened and they are working to address the issue as quickly as possible. He added that they have increased the salary of seasonal lifeguards and recruited more than 40 new lifeguards to help cope with the demand.

The newest addition to our list of the best hk pools, this Sai Kung gem is a hit with families thanks to its large leisure pool area, which features water slides for all ages. While the little ones are off having a blast, mum and dad can do some laps in the main pool or enjoy the spectacular sea views.

Open daily from 1 April to 31 October.

The iconic Victoria Park swimming pool was opened in 1957 and was the first public pool complex built by the Urban Council and sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club. It featured a 50 by 25 metre main pool, diving and teaching pools, a footbridge, waterfalls and rock formations, plus the largest swimming pool spectator stand in the country, which seated 2,500 people. The complex was replaced by a new HK$800 million facility on the site adjacent to it in 2013, and the old pool is now being demolished. Designed by Derek Walker Associates and engineered by BuroHappold, it was the first modern public swimming complex in Hong Kong to be built underground.