What is the HK Prize?

hk prize

In addition to the monetary prize, winners will gain access to Hong Kong’s premier research facilities. This gives them an excellent opportunity to expand their professional horizons while gaining international exposure in one of the world’s most vibrant science hubs. Moreover, they will be invited to attend an awards ceremony, which will further boost their profile and increase their chances of landing job placements later on.

The hk prize has become a central platform for young scientists to demonstrate their achievements and passion, while encouraging others to pursue scientific research with an impactful impact on society. It is open to anyone who can submit articles containing strong clinical, observational or epidemiological research that has been applied and transformed into practical benefits for humanity at large. The competition is judged by an esteemed panel of experts, who will select the winners and invite them to an awards ceremony in Hong Kong.

Besides the monetary prize, hk prize winners will also be presented with shopping vouchers and F&B benefits. In addition, they will be given access to Hong Kong’s premier research facilities. In this way, they will be able to collaborate with local scientists and explore the city’s rich culture. Moreover, they will be honored by an awards ceremony and receive a plaque and letter of thanks.

The award was created in 2015 and honors individuals who advance world civilisation through their work, whether they are good Samaritans, selfless caregivers or survivors against all odds. It aims to highlight the sacrifices they make and inspire others to join them in advancing world peace. Winners of the hk prize are often unsung heroes and should be celebrated.

This year’s hk prize winners include Xiao Zhu for her performance in the coming-of-age drama To My Nineteen-Year-Old Self, Jackson Yee for his role as a bully in China-set bullying drama Better Days, and Derek Tsang for his direction of a crime thriller The Private Eyes. Several other movies were nominated for the top award.

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