The Sydney Taylor Manuscript Award and the Structural Dynamics Poster Prize

sdy prize

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The Sydney Taylor Manuscript Award has been an incentive for writers of varying experience to attempt this type of writing. Several manuscript winners have subsequently been published and have earned considerable prestige in the publishing world. In some cases, the AJL cannot guarantee publication, but the prize is still valuable as an incentive to new authors and as a way of promoting good publishing practices.

In addition to the monetary reward, the winner of the sdy prize will be given a chance to attend the International Scientific Conference on Technology and Innovation in Lisbon, Portugal. This conference will bring together scientists from all over the world to discuss their work. It is an excellent opportunity to learn from some of the best in the field and to network with other scientists.

Another sdy prize is the Judith Flippen-Anderson Memorial Structural Dynamics Poster Prize, jointly sponsored by the ACA and Structural Dynamics. Katherine received this prize for her poster, Disorder in Deoxycholic Acid Inclusion Compounds: a Solid State NMR and Crystallographic Study. This was an outstanding poster and Katherine’s work was highly regarded by the panel of judges.

Lastly, the sdy prize will also be given to a student who will present their thesis at the 2021 ACS National Meeting in Boston. This is an amazing opportunity for a student who wants to pursue a career in chemistry. The sdy prize will give the winning student the chance to be seen by top scientists in the field and will help them get a job after graduation.

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